Monday, September 27, 2010

Four Viral Clips Released for Paranormal Activity 2

Over the last couple of days we've had 4 new promo clips for Paranormal Activity 2. These are very short clips, short enough in fact that the last 2, which are ad-supported, feature ads longer than the clips themselves.

Viral Clip #1

In the first clip, we see a camera feed from the home-surveillance camera in the living room where we see the baby standing in the middle of the living room doing the creepy-Katie staring-into-space thing for a few seconds before the feed goes crazy and starts flashing all sorts of things. Since the things shown flash by very quickly, I'll screen-shot them to pieces so we'll actually be able to see what there is to see.

After we see a couple of seconds of that, a few nondescript closeup shots of furniture pop up very quickly along with this shot of a person:

After that, the baby just walks away, exit stage right. Not much to see here really.

Viral Clip #2

In this second clip, we see a different camera's view in the baby's room. The baby moves a bit in its sleep, then the camera blurs and flashes several quick images again. First we see a frame of the baby standing at the door...

... followed by a couple of frames of a very Katie-esque person standing at the door.

It flashes back and forth between those two a couple of times, and then goes back to the normal camera view, which now shows an empty crib. The video is time-stamped, except while it's flashing through the crazy stuff, but there's no crazy missing-time gaps in the numbers or anything like that. While this second clip does have a little more interesting material in it, we didn't really see anything new, in fact a lot of that came from the first trailer. Next.

Viral Clip #3

This clip starts off with the baby at the top of a stairway turning backwards to climb down them. While the baby is on his way down, we get more of those quick flashes.

First we see a quick frame of the baby sitting on the ground out in the open somewhere, followed by a couple of frames showing a person coming from outside the frame to the right and reaching for the child...

And then a last quick image of someone holding the baby while apparently crying.

Afterwards we go back into the video of the baby crawling down the stairs backwards. I've seen a few comments about people thinking that it's strange and creepy that it's crawling down backwards, but I think those people have just never seen a little kid trying to get down stairs... Next.

Viral Clip #4

In this last clip we first see a man laying the baby in the crib with the dog hanging out in the room once he leaves... quickly followed by more of those quick flashes.

First we see one where the door the man left through is now closed, but a second to the right is open, with the baby and dog looking pretty intrigued.

But don't worry, it was apparently just a haunted boxing glove...
or something...

The next image is kind of hard to see as it flashes by, but it's a creepy black and white shot of the baby crying and... whatever else is going on here.

After that we're back to the baby's room, where we see a brief glimpse of a woman taking the baby out before it flashes again and leaves us with the camera feed showing the baby still asleep but the dog getting the hell out of there.

While there's not a whole lot of substance to these clips, they do show that several things are different, the creepy-house tone has been kept and even improved upon. Although I didn't particularly like or care about the characters in the first Paranormal Activity, and after the cartoon ending I wasn't particularly interested in seeing the sequel... it looks like an evil baby might be just what I was looking for to get my attention again.

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  1. Welcome to the LAMB! I'm doing my best to stay away from any possible spoilers for PA 2, just in case it's any good... I want to be surprised. I know. It's a long shot.