Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dracula Has Risen From The Dead to Steal Your Drugs

I've watched a lot of short films today. I'm going to write about Dracula Has Risen from the Dead to Steal Your Drugs because it was the worst.

It is also however, the only one I've seen 4 times now, so that probably counts for something too. Mostly I think I'm just perplexed by its existence. While I can sort of enjoy it for what it is, it's also bizarre enough that it keeps leaving me feeling like Christopher Lee is playing some sort of weird Belgian dadaist joke on me.

I'm pretty sure that's what it is.

The story is simply that a few friends go out to a secluded graveyard in a wooded area to smoke some marijuana. Dracula, who's not only buried there, but had apparently been recently exhumed...

... gets a whiff of their smoke and pops out of his coffin to investigate.

Actually, "pops" probably isn't the right word to describe how he gets out of that thing. First of all it takes him a full minute and a half to get out (of the 10 minute total running time). Are you wondering why it took him so long? Well, apparently Dracula really likes Madonna's music. Justify My Love starts playing when his coffin opens and he just really gets into it.

a lot.

Madonna's music might seem like an odd choice in a short that's based on Dracula, but it's best not to dwell on that because you're just going to have to get used to it.

These are the real music credits.

After the song he turns into a bat and flies away to the other kids. I'm not sure why he transforms, it must've only been a couple of feet. The kids are smoking in the middle of the graveyard and there are only about a half-dozen tombstones there. Anyway, he reconstitutes himself such that he smoothly appears in their smoking circle and sneaks in on their rotation. Once he starts smoking the joint and making those faces in the first screencap though... people notice.

a lot.

It may look like that guy was over-acting a bit, but this was a dramatic moment. One that can only be demonstrated by making faces like that... or by the magic of dance.

I'm going to upload the thing to Youtube, but I can't imagine it'll stay there for long with that track list.

I can't really recommend it too strongly, but it is at least better than Pot Zombies.


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