Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flesh Eating Mothers

When the cover to a movie is a picture of a person who's not actually in the film and the case shows no screenshots, there's a good chance that there just wasn't actually anything in there exciting enough to put anywhere on the case.

This is one of those. And as usual with these sorts of things, the movie's cover is the best part about this one.

In this movie, a weird STD turns every adulterous mom into a crazed cannibal. A group of highschool kids head out to solve the mystery, and to our dismay, after too few cases of infanticide and little kid eating, the movie's over.

This movie has some of the worst production you'll find. The acting is painfully awful, there's barely a plot, even the lighting is terrible... These things cause a perfectly good horror movie idea to go to waste.

Actually, the amount of terrible in this movie is the only thing that makes it significant at all, so if you feel like putting yourself through agonies to see that for yourself, go ahead, otherwise, I'd just give this one a pass.

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