Monday, August 2, 2010

Syfy's Releases "Red" Trailer

Syfy has released a trailer to it's latest batch of TV-movie craziness by way of its gritty sequel to The Little Red Riding Hood, simply titled "Red."

In the Syfy universe, the descendants of Little Red Riding Hood became werewolf hunters, and judging by Red's trailer time shooting giant harpoons at and karate-kicking giant werewolves, it looks like she's in the family business.

The plot involves Red (Felicia Day) bringing her fiance home to meet her family and explain to him what it is that they do. Though he's initially skeptical, he gets were-bitten himself soon enough. Red finds herself now having to fight back both the werewolves and her family as she attempts to keep her fiance safe.

It's good to see Felicia Day (whose been busy creating/ starring-in her web series The Guild) returning to the small-screen... even if it is to fight this weird mixture of CGI werewolves and creatures from The Howling.

If the music sounded familiar to you, you probably played a lot of Quake II.

Red airs on Syfy October 30th at 9/8 central.

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