Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hobgoblins Soundtrack

Last weekend I got a copy of the Hobgoblins soundtrack in the mail. Because this isn't the 90's, the first thing I did was rip digital versions of my all my new Fontanelles tracks into iTunes. Unfortunately, upon doing so I discovered that I couldn't find a picture of the cover anywhere online...

So today I hauled out the camera and just took my own picture. Hopefully Google will get itself over here and index it before anyone else runs into the problem I did.


  1. Where on Earth can I find this soundtrack? I'd absolutely love to have it.

  2. The only way I know of to get it is from the director, Rick Sloane. You can try emailing him at badbmovies@gmail or maybe even by shooting him a message on facebook ( ). It could be that he just doesn't have any right now though, so good luck.

  3. If anyone would like a copy of the soundtrack, I have it available. Write me at and I'll share a DL link.