Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three New Sharktopus Clips Released

Three new Sharktopus clips were released yesterday (via Syfy's Blastr). Our first clip is the wonderfully ridiculous bungee-jumping bit that we see at the end of the trailer... only now it's in context. Nothing too new or interesting here, although the fairly slow and silly tone of the buildup makes the sudden attack even better.

The second clip shows Roger Corman's cameo scene and that a sharktopus can hide in only a couple of inches of water...

And finally, the last clip gives a glimpse at some of the other characters and shows us the surprisingly simple way in which the experimentally weaponized sharktopus gets off his leash and escapes into the wild.

Mark your calendars folks. Sharktopus airs on September 25th on SyFy.

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